poem: parents

my mother is a penis-eater, my fatheris a leviathan; what did they tell you about childhood, is "belonging" really already inside you? and the pain will someday(they say) go away? fuck that, i am laying in the kitchen, the circus lightsplugged in bloody holes in the ceiling devouring my face; my father is a worm… Continue reading poem: parents

poem: instagram

silent ownership in the night, youonly exist like a characterinside my mind-fuckingmental state. i want to make it keep it pretty, i cannot / but whenit happens, it issoft little waves rushingup on me. the daylight is veryawkward, we are realpeople. the refrigerator is silent,mad old greek godor silicone statue, thinkingi took your motherfaster, manage… Continue reading poem: instagram

poem: those people are like art, dead but beautiful

little girl, in the red skirt, in the impressionist painting outside my window: the sky is thick with cocoa beans, the clouds are wild.   her mother picks at the flower-dust in her hair. they have halos, they are goddesses spun out in starry nights, relics from when the world was young and girls waited… Continue reading poem: those people are like art, dead but beautiful