poem: almost empty cafe with ugly people

I remember reading -- Raskolnikov paused at his university, his old life spired against the clouds; he was thinking likeNikolai not thinking and rushing charge-lineagainst napeleon; he was thinking, the old me the oldme the old me -- he sat in a cafe with no faces, the women sleeping under the tables and men writingpoetry… Continue reading poem: almost empty cafe with ugly people

poem: “daddy issues”

he had a blank face with translucent light coming thru and the penis-bitten shape of my father in his mouth,ready to eat and replace me. i had the kind of longing that comes from sitting alonein a gas station, eating noodles from a smallplastic container with the translucent whitelight in my hair turning me into… Continue reading poem: “daddy issues”

poem: boy alone, watching a girl

there are lilacs coming up under her skirt— and she stands in shadow on the concrete, fat clouds making dreams behind her. i watch her and imagine: maybe my fingers are touching the raw strands of hair coming loose around her small face, instead of the sun. maybe if we breathed at closer times the… Continue reading poem: boy alone, watching a girl