poem: reading crime and punishment for the #dark academia aesthetic

the Dmitri fuckers are in the city again; I should
know, I am their principal leader and
follower and the sole member of a society dedicated
to unreality. I say Leningrad — and he says
say Petersburg say Petersburg and then coughs up blood
into my hand. I say Cambodia — and he says
say genocide say genocide say

but I am preoccupied with how good red looks
on me — look at this adorable fit! look at
this turtleneck and it’s snug little Orwellian grab around
my neck, as if I am being choked / i enjoy
seeing god in the mirror, while the dmitri lays as a fucked-out
skeleton in my bed, his lips all taped

so he cannot pray to an anti-scientific, anti-
historical god (I write the thesis

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